The Nats Announcers are HORRIBLE

Watching this thriller in DC on MASN.
These announcers are KILLING me. Absolutely KILLING ME! That’s why I’m posting again, I need to tune out these clowns alittle.
It’s one thing to be an announcer and be a fan of the team.
These two knuckleheads are like nails on a chalkboard.
I just want a slightly coherent called game without blatant bias.
“Daryle Ward….oh man…this guy is sooo great. I’d really like to see him get more at bats.”
Hate to break it to them, he’s really not.
Then they criticize Tejada for not hustling to make a triple out of a double, after saying the Nats should hit Tejada after Benson plunked Zimmerman. What? Classless.
All this O’s trashing is trashy.
I hope CSN is on Extra Innings tomorrow.

A sweep of the Nats gets us to .500.

If you cross the names Expos and Nationals…you get something like the Expositionals.

Corey Patterson tripled in a run, on a ball that the almost-to-Cooperstown Daryle Ward completely misplayed. He scored later on a Kris Benson grounder.

Geez, I miss the DH.

The Ump behind home has not been good….at least he’s been consistent though.
consistently bad.

Daryle Ward is out of the game. He really needs some more at bats.

Wiki Gonzalez is a fun name.

I went out earlier today (until I called it a day earlier due to my wretched sinus issues)to meet up with a girl I’ve been kinda seeing. Tomorrow she’s moving up to DC for the summer and then to Arlington (or is it Arrington?) in the fall.
We had this little exchange:

Her:”You’ll come up and see me in the fall won’t you?”
Me: “Sure, I will.”
Her:”Is that just so you can go to Orioles game.”
Me: “Oh…of course not JUST to go an Orioles game.”
Her:”Well, I want to go too.”
Me: “Of course you’re going.”
Her:”I just want to make sure that the main reason you’re coming up is to go to a baseball game.”
Me: “That’s crazy talk.”

Of course, being that close to Baltimore was the clincher. So I WILL be at one of the Blue Jays/O’s games in August. I was eyeing the Yanks/O’s game…but she can’t that weekend. The next weekend the O’s are at Boston and I’ll be in Atlanta for the Cubs and Braves. The Jays are the next weekend and the weekend after the D-Rays come to town. I’d rather see the Jays than the Rays…so I’m definately geeked up for my first trip to the Yard.

Pavano is likely done for the year. To think we were in the market for this guy. Angelos would have had a stroke with this guy’s injury record. Back, elbow, shoulder, butt.

Rodrigo says no WBC for him in 2009 Hate to break to you Roddy boy, I don’t think you’ll be tops on their list at your current rate.

Since I posted a bounty today….I may take tomorrow off. But if these two clowns are calling the game, all bets are off. I might just go out instead, once I clean the blood out of my ears.


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