So Close…..

With the half of the team injured, Bruce Chen managed to weasel back into the starting rotation. The results were somewhat uneven, but better than usual. BUT he only went four innings and threw 95 pitches, 54 of strikes, gave up 5 hits, 4 runs, 3 earned, 2 walks, 4 K’s, and…of course…2 home runs. The two home runs, thankfully, were solo shots. Better outing than usual for Bruce, but that’s sort of like staying being stabbed in the leg isn’t as bad as being stabbed in the face.

Here’s your recap.

Ramon Hernadez, Jay Gibbons, and Brandon Fahey all homered last night. But it wasn’t enough as the O’s dropped number 13 in a row to the Red Sox. It was a good game, but it was par for course.

Fahey’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine. He looks skinny and a tad geeky, but he can get some hits and plays some good D. I think he’s staying with the club the rest of the season…and probably taking Gomez’s job. I wonder if he can play first? Probably a little too short.

Nick Markakis got some very quality at bats last night against Schilling. I was thrilled when they PULLED Schilling because he was coming up. Good to see he’s back on track.

The Orioles have been banged up at an alarming…alarming rate.
Here’s my all injury team thus far in the season….and it’s basically the regular line-up
@ indicates DL stint

1st Kevin Millar (Bruised hand)
2nd Brian Roberts (Hammie) @
SS Miguel Tejada (Gimpy leg)
3rd Melvin Mora (Back)
LF Luis Matos (Bum Shoulder) @
CF David Newhan (Broke Leg) @
RF Chris Gomez (Busted hand) @
C Javy Lopez (Back Spasms) @
P Daniel Cabrera(Shoulder issues) @
RP Todd Williams (Leg and arm)@
RP John Parrish (Tommy John) @
RP Tim Byrdak (torn labrum) @
RP Aaron Rakers (torn right labrum) @

There’s no DH on the All-Injury team…and I don’t want one.

There are plenty of O’s fans who are at the point in the season where they’re already whining about this season being another wash. I figured this would be about a .500 season…actually 1 game over, so at this point I’m not surprised. Actually, with Chen and Lopez stinking it up as they have and the injuries…the record should be worse than what it is. The team is what it is. It’s a mish-mash of vets, young players, and aging vets. In the AL East, that’s not going to get you better than third unless it’s the right mix. The O’s aren’t there, but I’m hoping they follow the Braves’ model, build the farm system on young pitching. If you have boatload of young arms, then you can trade some off and get positional/outfielder prospects or an established player.

Hayden Penn
Adam Loewen
Brandon Erbe
JJ Johnson
Garret Olsen
Rodhames Liz

Maybe this is the plan in place that we’ve been told is going to bring the Oriole Magic back. It is a move in the right direction, but we’ll see.

Brian Roberts gets a rehab start in Bowie. Cabrera might not be back in 2 weeks. It might be time to call up Penn.

Piece on Cabrera and how POTENTIALLY great he can be. I keep hearing the Randy Johnson comparsions as of late.

Millar’s fighting to getting playing time With Conine becoming a phoenix from the ashes and getting some hits, I find it hard for Millar to get consistent playing time. Maybe when Javy catches and Ramon takes a day off or when they sit Conine for a day or something….but until he can get some hits, I guess his role is team booster.

Baseball America has a short piece on Johnson With Penn and Loewen being trumpeted so much, he can fly under the radar and not be under so much pressure.

How do you blow a 10-1 lead? I think Buck Showalter is one of the most overrated managers ever. It’s about time for him go fired and find somewhere else to manage for a few years.

I wonder if Ben Sheets hangs out with Mark Prior and Kerry Wood?

Here’s a review of my hometown ballpark. Great park…

The worst teams ever.


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  1. Fahey’s 6’2….just to correct myself first.

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