4 in a row….ugh

It was not Eric Bedard’s night. It was certainly not Bedard’s night, not even the return of Luis Matos could dig them out the hole.

Baltimore IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
Bedard (L, 4-2) 2.0 7 6 5 3 2 0 4.54

The Sox batted around in 2nd and that was a hole the O’s couldn’t get out of.
After pitching to three batters in the 3rd, Bedard was yanked. It just wasn’t his night, I guess.

A few encouraging notes, because after dropping 11 of 14, we need it.

*Chris Gomez hit his first homerun of the year
*Julio Manon pitched two strong innings
*Chris Birkins too
*Nick Markakis is breaking out of his slump
*Kris Benson pitches today

It’s official- Chen to the pen. Sam says it’s for a week and then he pitches against the Royals. That’s a safe rebound start…..if his pen times goes ok. I think it’s all to buy time for Hayden Penn. I’m more than fine with this. The next thing I want to see is another minor leaguer rushed up. Give Penn 3 or 4 more starts in Ottawa and then we’ll see. He’ll be pitching in Baltimore at season’s end regardless.
After thinking about it, I’d rather NOT use him in the pen.
If he throws only 50 inning from the pen this season and then next season we throw him the rotation and expect him to do 200 innings. I’d rather not risk his future just to band aid this season’s bullpen.

Red Sox fans were classy and gave Kevin Millar a standing O.

I was having a discussion with a friend about the ten players playing today that I would pay to see. There is no order or ranking to this though.

1. Albert Puljos
2. Andruw Jones
3. Miguel Tejada
4. Greg Maddux
5. Alex Rodriguez
6. Pedro Martinez
7. Roger Clemens
8. Vlad Guerrero
9. Curt Schilling
10. Carlos Zambrano

There’s others, but for the top ten that I can think of that’s it…
I’d pay to see a healthy Mark Prior and Kerry Wood.

Speaking of the Cubs, we’ve had our lumps lately. But the Cubs have been brutal.
Since Derek Lee went down, their offense has went AWOL. 28 scoreless innings until last night.
vs MIL
L 2-16
vs PIT
W 2-1
vs PIT
L 0-8
L 1-5
L 0-6
@ SD
L 0-1

*The Orioles have 23 Errors, Most in the AL.

Cristian Guzman is done for the year. Another great signing by Bowden. I’ll miss him when he’s fired.

Have the game on….bases loaded for the O’s and Millar goes down swinging trying to be the returing hero. Bottom of the first, same situation for the Sox…Verateck hits a grand slam…not a way to start the day.


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