Bruce Chen’s Joke of the Day

….must have been his pitching.
I am quitting the Bruce Chen fan club.


How’s that trade for Corey Patterson looking now?
2-4 last night with 2 HR and a SB, 18th of the year…and there was this catch.
Top of the ninth
2 out
1 runner on
and the ball carries…carries….carries…and Patterson makes the catch and saves the day.

Chris Ray gets save number 14, but I wish he’d go a few outings without a walk.

Rodrigo was ok. 3-7!!!! WOO HOO!!!

I feel for you, Leo.

“There is an overall lack of passion on this pitching staff.”
Who said this?
Leo Mazzone did Results can take time. But I think soon we should some results.

This season: 5-4 5.67
Last season: 6-8 4.00

This season: 2 7 7.16
Last season: 15 12 4.90

This season: 2 2 5.23 39 BB
Last season: 10 13 4.52 87 BB

This season: 0 5 7.40
Last season: 13 10 3.83

This season: 6 4 4.80
Last season: 10 8 4.13

The numbers don’t look great. Benson so far has looked to be the “ace.” Realistically, though Benson’s a 3. Bedard had a great start, but lately he’s struggled badly. Cabrera’s been frustrating before he went down. Lopez and Chen have been disasters. Both did have good starts their last times out though. It’s about the time to see some results. I’m not expecting to have five aces,but I want to see baby steps at least. The next few weeks are important.
We have a new pitching coach, a new philosphy, and a new catcher. It’s not going to happen overnight. But I’d except a little more than what we’ve seen.

It’s like Maese said:
“You can’t give Mazzone eggs, flour, and sour milk and expect a five-course meal.”
The sour milk has to be both Chen and Lopez.

Kevin Millar is showing that clubhouse leadership. Seriously, his stock just went up with me. This is why this guy was signed.
I’m not going to sit here and try to speculate on what Orioles he’s calling out. I don’t know these guys. I just watch them on tv, listen to them on radio, and cheer for them. What happens in the clubhouse needs to stay in the clubhouse. I wonder what would have happened if he was an O last season. I hope gets his point across.

I’m wondering if this means a trade or two may happen soon. And with those words, it immediately shifts to Tejada, rightly or wrongly. Will he be traded or will he stay? I hate even thinking of this. Tejada’s been one of the few things that have gone right for the Orioles over the past dismal eight years. I’m not completely opposed to a trade IF it’s something that’s a sure thing. I wouldn’t want a bag of magic beans trade. Maybe if we did, we could get some kind of overdue karma for the Davis trade.

So hey, our pitchers lack passion, our players don’t talk the game, care more about their rims and dressing pimpy, and are their for the check. UGh. It’s time to lay the hammer down, Sam.

On to more encouraging stuff
Thoughts on Nick and his early struggles. He’s turned it around lately. Now he’s batting .238 with hits in 10 of his last 12. Good player do adjust. Maybe he has.

Chris Ray is amazing.

Kurt Birkins is overlooked.

LaTroy Hawkins is feast or famine, isn’t he?

The Tigers are the feel good story of the season thus far. 35-16 and a 1.5 game lead in the Central. Good for you. Hope it ends better for you than it did for us.

Re-enactment of the Barrett/AJ Figh t …with LEGOS.

Sam Shows Some Fire!

Didn’t see the game and didn’t see the play. But good for Sam.
Must have worked, the bats came back to life. O’s win 7-6.
Chris Ray pitches 2 innings for the save, after LaTroy Hawkins didn’t record an out in the 8th.
Much needed day off tomorrow and the O’s are back East and back in my time zone.

Jay Gibbons can not get a break

Did Jay Gibbons try to catch a ball or wrestle an alligator? What a rotten week for the guy. His Mom dies unexpectedly. He now has a Left hip flexor, a Right shoulder strain, and Back spasms from diving for a catch that ended up being an inside the park homerun. He hope gets a few days off to get some rest.

It’s time to change the black-out guidlines. Since I live in the South and the only team near me (the Braves) has a superstation, I haven’t been plagued by this problem. But I feel for anyone who does.

Now, I’ll see you all Monday.

Tim McCarver is the Master of the Obvious

“Fundamentals are a fundamental part of playing baseball.”- Tim McCarver

My mind has just exploded.
I don’t know what to say…even by McCarver standards this is a new low.
That’s like saying “Food is an important part of eatting.”


I’m not happy that the FOX Game of the Week is back.
I can not express my distane for Joe Buck and Captain Obvious himself, Tim McCarver.
No games on Saturday before 7 pm unless you watch their games.

There’s would have been a picture of Deion Sanders dumping Gatorade on McCarver here, but I couldn’t find one.

For more McCarver gems go here.

That X Men 3 Opening was Wretched wasn’t it?

About last night…Glad to see Chen have a good outing. Jay Gibbons, not going to pile on the guy, he’s had a horrible week. But I think at some point, we’ll see him at first or DH.

John Donovan revisists the off-season moves.

That’s going to be it for the weekend. I’m tired, the Orioles play at 10:05 tonight and I’ve got a long day tomorrow.

My heart bleeds for Carlos Zambrano

No hitter into the 7th…Jacque Jones drops out 3, and Dempester melts down in the ninth inning.
I pity Cubbie Nation.