Corey Patterson

Last night marked the second straight 3 for 4 performance.
During his mini-tear, his average has jumped from .156 to .275. Will this last? Patterson has great speed and defense, but he strikes out so much….is it worth it to keep him in the line up?
I have noticed in the past two games that he hasn’t been swinging on the first pitch. Which is a good sign.

I like the bunting for singles. During last night’s telecast, Buck Martinez said that if Patterson successly bunts one game a week, his average will be 50 points better at season’s end.

Here’s Patterson’s career numbers

Games KO Avg.
153 142 .253
83 77 .298
157 168 .266
126 118 .215

If Patterson can go 2 for 4 consistantly and take some walks, then he’d be the every day Centerfielder no questions asked. But his hacking has made him a liability.
Let’s hope the past two games can become a habit and not a freak occurance.

Daniel Cabrera had a good night.

Baltimore IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
Cabrera (W, 2-2) 7.0 4 2 2 1 6 1 5.68

If that home run ball had come Corey Patterson’s way instead of Nick Markakis I think he would have made that catch and saved Cabrera the only two runs he gave up. Regardless, Cabrera had a good game. Going seven innings was huge. Even though Seattle isn’t exactly a murderer’s row of bats, He still shut them down. It’s something to good to build off of.

Rumor has it the Cubs have asked about Jeff Conine. I have my fingers crossed.

I’m guessing once Luis Matos comes off the DL, Nick Markakis is going to get some quality time in Ottawa.
20 57 8 10 0 0 2 4 16 7 15 0 0 .277 .281 .175

I think it’ll do him some good. Last night he went 0 for 4 with 3 K’s and did not look good. Naturally, he’s going to have some bad games as a rookie. I understand that. But I think he’s been a little rushed. Give him a lot of at bats in Ottawa and by the break, Trade Matos and let him play out the year. At the rate he’s going now, his confidence will be in the toilet soon. He still has a lot to learn, like last night when him and Patterson were going for the fly and had Patterson not got out the way, there would have been a collison. The Left Fielder yields to Center. Rookie mistakes, yes. But I think a little time at AAA will do worlds of good for him.

Welcome back Todd Williams! Goodbye Jim Brower?

Bruce Chen gets the start against the Mariners today. It’s huge for him today. If he gives up another 7 runs in 4 innings, or something like that….It would not be a good sign. But I’m hoping for the best and he can get that first win today.


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