Playing catch-up

Haven’t posted much this week, so I’m going to post a few articles that I haven’t gotten to this week.

How about that game Friday night? If there was any doubt about Chris Ray being able to be the Orioles closer were answered. There’s no bigger stage in baseball than Yankee stadium. Bases loaded, full count, 2 outs and a 1 run lead….that’s high drama. The Yanks have a line up that from top to bottom can be a pitcher’s nightmare. I heard former Yankee and current ESPN guy, Tino Martinez say that Ray’s strike three should have been a ball. The call was close, You get some that go your way and some don’t. The pitch looked close… naturally, I’m very comfortable with that call. On the opposite side though, the O’s had some pitches that didn’t go their way on 3-2 and 3-1 counts, that’s just the nature of the game. Benson pitched good enough not to lose. Rleal and Brower had great outings and Hawkins got me a little worried, but made it through the eighth. Really big win for the O’s.

I figured we were due for a letdown Saturday and it was. A big soggy mess of a letdown. Daniel Cabrera was medicore….5 walks 5 Ks 5 hits 6 earned runs over 5.

I know some people are going to jump on Cabrera over the the following quote:
“The people talk about the walks, but I’ve walked people all my life,” Cabrera said. “I don’t feel frustrated about it.”
There’s going to be folks who say he should be upset and be concerned. I sure he isn’t happy with the walks, but I don’t think he has to proclaim it to the press.

The ERA of the Orioles’ starters is 5.47, though Perlozzo and pitching coach Leo Mazzone maintain that it is too early to be concerned.
Again, Wait until the All-Star break until the starters get judged. Bedard has been great. Benson has been OK. Cabrera has been Jekyll and Hyde and Lopez and Chen have been struggling. Give them all some starts and wait.

Finally a use for Sammy Sosa jerseys
besides burning them, of course.

You had to figure there would be Lee Mazilli articles this weekend Though I’m not a fan of his, he did hire his firing in a classy way. If he was anywhere other than New York, I might even wish him well.

I like the Kevin Millar signing Even for just the Yankee boos alone.

Looks like the O’s are making money

I’m willing to bet that Jim Bowden will not keep his job when new ownership takes over the Nats. This is pathetic.


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