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Cabrera delivers

Daniel Cabrera pitched a gem I’m relieved. He looked excellent last night. What was most encouraging was that he was getting a lot 1-2 counts and his pitches looked really good. The fact that he only walked one was great too. I hope this is the Daniel Cabrera we see for the rest season. I’m pretty happy though, the Orioles took 3 out of 4 from the Angels.

The injury bug has bitten the O’s Losing Newhan will hurt. Brydak hasn’t been lights out, so maybe this is why. I guess with Newhan out, Corey Patterson is going to be getting some at bats. At best, Newhan will be out 4-6 weeks. We’ll just have to see if Patterson can take advantage of some playing time. I didn’t know until last night that he already has 3 stolen bases this season, which is amazing considering how little he plays.

An interview with Peter Angelos Most of this revolves around the Nats but several things struck me.
*The O’s will sell Nat merchandise and tickets and vice versa
*Angelos says that he’s been a poor owner….in some regards
*The whole TV rights thing stinks
I’ve never been a huge supporter of Angelos. I don’t have the hatred for his as some fans do. He does keep payroll at a decent level, but in the AL East that’s enough for 4th place. I think the problem is more of the people he hires for the front office and his micromanaging. Ever since he ran Johnson and Gillick out of town the front office hasn’t been very good and our farm system was a disaster for a long time, but it’s getting much better.
Peter Smuck questions whether the O’s, as Angelos claims, lost 15 million.

Last year is not this year And that’s a very good thing. Very good, positive article from David Steele

John Sickels tries to determine who’ll be better: Nick Markakis or Jeremy Hermida Good read.

Nick Markakis is having to adapt Of course, I figured he’d having a few growing pains, but so far I think he’s done a great job. I can not neglect to give credit where credit is due, Jeff Conine hit his 200 homerun on Sunday. I’ve definately been hard on Conine during his season starting slump, but it looks like he’s starting to get out it. Congrads.

Another article on Chris Ray. Buster Olney compares him to Goose Gossage.

Jorge Julio is not adored in NY
Here’s another ode to Jorge

Excellent article on the longest game ever

I didn’t think it was possible but I hate Johnny Damon even more now He’s only been a Yankee for 11 games and now he’s trying to recruit for them. Joe Torre couldn’t say this, so I don’t see why Damon should be publicly. Reason 12,893,299 to hate the Yankees.

Pedro gets win 200 The Mets looks good right now, but outside of Pedro and Glavine, I think their starting pitching is a disaster waiting to happen. If Pedro or Glavine get injuried….I think that would really hurt this team. I’m never going to right off the Braves from winning the East until the regular season is done, but if the Mets can keep things going like they are now, this year is the best shot they’ve had in years.

Any doubt who the NL MVP will be this year?

Greg Maddux gets his first win at age 40 I don’t mean this as a knock, but who would have thought a year ago that Maddux would be the Cubs’ ace. They have Wood, Prior, and Zambrano and Maddux is the one who can stay healthy and keep his head. He’s 3-0 for the season with a 1.33 ERA. Amazing.

The Fun Loving White Sox are having to reign it in a little

Jim Leyland had his first blow up of the season. I tried to find a clip, but no luck.

There’s stupid and then there’s
this Who would have thunk it? I guess someone did, that’s why they have waivers.

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