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What a game

Last night was amazing. The game was not supposed to be on extra innings. But I saw a post on Oriole Hangout saying that it was going to be on, sure enough it was.
And it was CSN, not the Angels broadcast.
I’ve have to watch the opposing teams broadcast thus far.
And all the games except for Saturday’s game has been added, so I can watch 3 out of 4 of the Angels series, all of the Indians games, and of course, all of the Yankee games.
I don’t know if Directv gave into complaints or what. But if its because of complaints, Thank you to all who did.
What a game it was last night.
Ramon Hernadez is now my favorite O. What is there not to like about him?
He’s hitting the seams off the ball. He’s a great defensive catcher. Amazing
There were plenty of homers last night, Rodrigo Lopez got punched up alittle in the first giving up 3 runs, but after that he only gave up 1 run over the last 7 innings.
Nick Markakis, Jay Gibbons, and Nick Markakis (the should be everyday outfielder) all homered. Melvin Mora continues to make me struggle with my emotions about resigning by hitting a double in the 8th to bring Brian Roberts for the then go ahead run.
Mora’s been clutch the past two games. I’d love for him to retire an O, but 27 mil over 3 years is a lot. If it was a 2 year 18 mil, I’d be more prone to support. Who’s going to play third if he doesn’t?
Last night also proved to Oriole fans what Cub fans clearly know.
LaTroy Hawkins is a set up guy. Not a closer.
Though I think he got a bad call on that ball 3, should have been strike three.. but that’s the way the game is. Chris Ray had the night off, which I can support. So far he’s been the sure thing in the ninth for the O’s and I don’t want him overused.
I was crushed when Hawkins gave up that homer and then three batters later Ramon ends the game….what a great game.
How about Byrdak getting the win and only throwing one pitch.
Good to see the O’s win their first game of the season against a team not named Tampa. The Angels are a good team and the next three series will decide how good this Oriole team is.
The Angels, then the Indians, and then the Yanks.
If the Birds can come out these series with a winning record, then this team will have a shot at ending the 8 year skid.

John Eisenberg weighs in on the Oriole outfield.
Here’s the players we have for the outfield…
Jay Gibbons- He is and should be the every day right fielder.
Nick Markakis- He should be in centerfield every day. He’s the future of the team and he should get as much playing time as possible
Luis Matos- I think he best helps the team as a fourth outfielder, or as tradebait
David Newhan- Hitting the ball great. Should be everyday or pretty much every day. I think he’s the best option for the 2 hole.
Corey Patterson- He’s got the potential..but until he can produce, no way.
Jeff Conine- No way. Let him play first when Millar needs a rest, but besides that I don’t need Conine striking out with two on and two outs.
Newhan in left Markakis in Center Gibbons in right and Matos as the fourth.
I think that works

Has Kevin Millar found his swing?

Good article about Daniel Cabrera.
I’m anixous to see Monday’s game. I think it’ll be a HUGE game for him.

Atlanta already misses Leo

Chris Ray gets some love I got a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of these articles this season.

Even the majority of people in California think Barry Bonds used Steriods. 32 percent don’t know…..geez. Have an opinion.

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