I am confused beyond confusion

That was the prettiest and ugliest pitcing performance I’ve even seen.
I don’t know whether to be happy or sad.
Was that encouraging or discouraging
I am going to start a support group for O’s fans who’ve been abused by Daniel Cabrera’s potential.
I should do this…Any good names come to mind, send them my way.
Daniel Cabrera is an enigma that’s wrapped in a riddle and covered with confusion sauce.
Cabrera 5.0 3 1 1 9 10 0 11.37
Look at this line
Ten Strike outs….that’s great. 3 hits over 5 innings, that’s great
9 walks…geez. Three wild pitches…ugh.
Pitches-strikes: Cabrera 117-57
Not half of his pitches were strikes and he threw 117 pitches in only 5 innings
I’m scratching my head til it bleeds in confusion over this guy.
But he’s got a ton of potential and he definately looked a lot better than that Boston game.
I say wait til mid-season and see how he looks after plenty of time with Leo.
In my opinion, if he gets his control down, he’ll be a great pitching.
He’s still young at 24 and he needs to calm down and slow down a little.
It’s good to see that ERA down from that 45.something.
He had the bases loaded in the third, fourth and fifth innings and only gave up one run on a wild pitch. It’s amazing that he didn’t get roughed up a little since he kept putting himself in those situations.
Just a weird game last night.
The O’s “clutch” hitting is killing me.
It is nice to see Kevin Millar hitting outside of Fenway.
One more game at the Trashicana and back to the Camden for the Los Angeles California Angels of Anaheim btw of Orange County. Definately looking forward to this series.
I was going to work to this morning and they were replaying the 1996 ALCS game of the Yanks and O’s on XM. Seems like a loooong time ago.
Scott Erickson for the O’s and David Cone for the Yanks.
That was went the O’s had Raffy (before he came back and got caught), Roberto Alomar, Todd Zeile, Bobby Bonilla
Here’s the team from 1996 SIGH.
Davey Johnson managing. Pat Gillick as GM. and Jon Miller calling the game.
Good times…..good times indeed.


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