Kris Benson gets his win

Kris Benson was a $teal. He had that rough spring where he breaking in the pitches and it looks to have paid off. 1.93 ERA and a 1-1 (should be 2-0 with a little run support).
Of course, I’m going to wait to see how he does against Boston and New York before I crown him with the Cy young.

Chris Ray is money.

Let’s all hope Daniel Cabrera rebounds from last week. I bet he does.
I was going to post before the game, but blogger went down as I was publishing my post (second time in a week it’s done that too). I’ve got the game on now and Cabrera struck out the first three batters to start the game. That’s a very good sign.

David Newhan is backing up his strong play in spring and forcing his way into the line up.

Aubrey Huff got hurt last night. Hope he’s ok.

Since we’re playing the Rays again, I’m just gonna post some stuff from around the majors…

Dick Cheney threw out the first pitch at the Nats home opener. Interesting piece on the political leanings of the Mets.

The fiasco may be over in Washington soon. Seriously, the more and more time that passes without the Nats having a real owner is a black eye to Selig.

Ben Sheets should be back soon.

Dontrelle and Miguel Cabrera are trying to ignore trade rumors. I’m sure if you give up your three best prospects you can have one. Hayden Penn, Adam Loewen, and Val Majewski? I wouldn’t do it. Sounds like a Glenn Davis deal to me.

Hooray. Coco Crisp will be a Red Sox for 3 more seasons. Maybe he can use the money to fund his brilliant television show ideas.

Michael Keaton is a rude guest. Yes the Pirates have been bad for a while, but they’re trying to get better. I think Mr. Keaton should focus on not being the Pittsburgh Pirates of Actors.

Torii Hunter says if the Twins aren’t competive and don’t resign him He will sell his soul and might become a Yankee. Ugh.

Pat Gillick, my favorite GM of all time, is finding that Phillies aren’t that good right now. Before it’s all said and done though, he’ll make them a winner.

Scroll down. Maybe Jeff Conine and Frank Thomas are trading batting tips.

MC Hammer loves his Braves.

Are the Jays in trouble?

Salary floor…great idea. Tom Verducci discusses whether it works for him or not.

Back to watching the game. Cabrera has 7 K’s in the 3rd. Good stuff so far.


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