Tough Loss

The pitching was a lot better last night but the offense was missing. Bruce Chen had a good night pitching. Which was a welcome relief after Friday’s disaster. The only score for the Orioles was Luis Matos’ solo shot off Curt Schilling. The O’s looked like they had a chance to touch up Schilling in the 7th, but it was ended by, of course, Jeff Conine striking out with two on. Conine’s batting .091 for the season. What’s wrong with a Matos, Markakis, Gibbons outfield and just start Millar at first until Javy’s ever ready. Conine is killing me. On better notes, Sendy Rleal pitched himself out of a jam and LaTroy Hawkins and Chris Ray continue to look great.

Eric Dubose is out, John Halama is in.
Of course, Dubose would have to clear waivers first. So Friday night could have been his Oriole swan song. The most important part of this article is after this stuff. Adam Loewen pitched a one hitter Friday night. He struck out 12 and walked NONE. It looks likes his getting his control down.

The Sun has an article on BJ Ryan. The front office really blew this one last year. Chris Ray looks great and I think he’s going to be great closer, but would it hurt to lock up Ryan (to a deal that was a lot less than the deal he signed with the Jays) and have Ray get some more time in at AA or AAA. Then you could have a bullpen of Ryan, Ray, and Hawkins. It boggles my mind sometimes how cheap this team can be.

What’s the over/under on how many Kevin Millar team chemisty guy articles we’ll see this year? I found 3 for just today. But I’m only going to link to one.

The Brewers are my pick for this year’s version of the White Sox. Will they win the series this year? Who knows. But I wish the Orioles were being built this way.

At least the O’s record is better than the Yanks. Of course, when A-Rod, Giambi, and Damon go 0-fer, then you’ll probably lose.

Bartolo Colon never a skinny guy, but…

The season’s still very young, but here’s a line that caught my eye.
Jorge Julio
2006 New York Mets 0 1 21.60 2 0 0 0 0 0 1.2 7 7 4 1 0 2 4


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