I have never seen a pitching performance like the one Daniel Cabrera had last night. I don’t mean that in a good way either.
Here’s the recap with all the gory details.
Gory may be too tame to describe it.
I was watching this game and he looked rattled. Coco Crisp laid down a perfect bunt and from there he looked lost. Maybe that upset him, it shouldn’t. But it was one of the worst pitching performances that I’ve even seen.
He threw 60 pitches in one and one third innings.
38 of those pitches were balls.
And a lot of those balls were miles away from being strikes.
With his performance in the WBC and Leo Mazzone, I think this is his breakout year.
Last night though, wasn’t anywhere close.
I’m going to give him a mulligan on this one. Remember Barry Zito went about the same distance on opening day against the Yankees. Andy Pettitte got rocked on his first start by the Marlins. I’ll get concerned if this happens on his next start.
There are some good things that happened in this game.
Ramon Hernadez went 3 for 4 last night, and looks like an excellent addition
The O’s put up 4 runs in the 7th and 8th.
Corey Patterson got a hit and a RBI
The Oriole Bats seem to be ok, with the exception of the third game of the Tampa series
One of the things I think the O’s should do is bench Jeff Conine. There’s no reason he should be an everyday starter. He had the homerun on opening day but besides that, he hasn’t done much else. His outfield defense is rather lacking sometimes too. Last night when Loretta hit a ground double, he took a sideways route and then forward. He could have got to it if he didn’t go sideways.
That’s enough for now. Next week once I’m healed up I have more substance and more links, but right I’m still pretty swollen and sore.


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