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Happy Opening Day

Opening day is finally here. No more guessing about who makes the team. No more spring training. No more WBC talk. It’s time to see what Leo can do. It’s time to see what our young arms can do. Time to see if Tejada can rebound and time to see what Nick Markakis and Chris Ray can do. It’s time for baseball…
Here’s what I think the season holds
I think Brian Roberts has a solid year
I think Daniel Cabrera has an awesome year
I think Miguel Tejada has a 100 RBI year
I think Leo’s pitching staff gives up 79 less runs
I think Melvin Mora will not be resigned and traded
I think Erik Bedard has a good year
I think Javy Lopez will not see another game at first
I think Corey Patterson will be same Corey Patterson that was in Chicago
I think Kris Benson will struggle early
I think if any O’s get traded it’ll be Javy, Mora, R. Lopez, Matos and Newhan
I think if Rodrigo Lopez gets traded, we better get something good for him
I think Chris Ray will be lights out
I think Nick Markakis will be AL Rookie of the year
I think we’ll be better than the Devil Rays
I think we could reasonably finish third
I think we finish 83-81

I did most of the links yesterday so I can watch as much baseball as possible, since I’m a giant human baseball sponge.

speaking of hope

Scroll down and see who Peter “Red Sox” Gammons likes for AL Rookie of the Year.

Speaking of Gammons, here’s a few of his thoughts of the O’s..

• The most dominating pitcher I saw all spring? Daniel Cabrera of the Orioles. If he ever does maintain his command, he can win 18-20 games.


AL: Nick Markakis, CF, Orioles; Delmon Young, OF, Devil Rays; B.J. Upton, SS, Devil Rays; Andy Marte, 3B; Indians; Howie Kendrick, 2B, Angels; Kendry Morales, DH-OF, Angels; Franklin Gutierrez, OF, Indians; Dustin Pedroia, INF, Red Sox


AL: Joe Mauer, Twins; Casey Kotchman, Angels; Chris Shelton, Tigers; Dan Johnson, Athletics; Joey Gathright, Devil Rays; Robinson Cano, Yankees; Ervin Santana, Angels; Erik Bedard, Orioles


AL: Jorge Posada, Yankees; Mike Lowell, Red Sox; Miguel Tejada, Orioles; Darin Erstad, Angels; Magglio Ordonez, Tigers; Carlos Guillen, Tigers

Baltimore has been written off as a dead issue. The positional players seem OK, not great, especially if Miguel Tejada has aged as he appeared to this spring. The bullpen is a question; Chris Ray has closer stuff, but no career saves, and the bodies in front of LaTroy Hawkins in the eighth inning are eBay specials.

But the Orioles could end up with very good starting pitching. Daniel Cabrera and Erik Bedard have top-of-the-rotation stuff and had great springs. As soon as Anna Benson announced her divorce plans, the Mets called asking if they could get Kris back. Bruce Chen has become a solid starter, and Rodrigo Lopez takes on everyone else’s No. 1. The Orioles won’t duplicate their first two months in 2005, but they should vastly improved their last three.

I agree mostly. Cept for the Tejada thing. Now you can go back to talking about the Red Sox.

Turns out NO extension has been worked out for Melvin Mora. For 3 years and 27 mil, I wouldn’t have either. He said that he’s being reasonable by dropping to 9 a year. There’s no way this gets done. I hope it doesn’t. I hope Mora can retire an O, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t want the front office to invest that much money in a declining player. If he becomes an issue, he’ll be traded in a heartbeat.

This is who I want to be the starting left fielder of the 2007 Baltimore Orioles. I’m starting this personal campaign today. This makes sense in way too many ways for me.

Speaking of the outfield… This is good.
How long before he’s the starter in CF? Worst case I say the break. But I bet it’ll be a lot sooner, specially if they find a taker for Matos.

The Miguel Tejada we all know and love returned last night. Replacing the one that batted .194 until this weekend.

Our clubhouse is definately better, but…

That’s it. Time to watch some baseball. Let’s hope for some good weather and a good season.

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