Whaaat? Mora resigning?!?

Perhaps I underestimated the saavy of one Peter Angelos. Same topic, only from the Post. I am surprised. It looks like I was wrong. My view was that Mora wouldn’t give from his 10 mil a year, a deal didn’t get done, and he would be traded before the break. This is good news….so far. I hope the contract is sane. Something like 6 to 7 a year, but put the other 3 to 4 mil in incentive clauses. If he plays like a 10 a year player, then he can be paid like one. Maybe Mora can retire as an Oriole. I want to know what Angelos said. Did he talk about how the O’s are going to be contenders again? Do a little talk about we’re not going to be the sub .500 team he knows and how there are going to be some big moves made…yada yada yada. I dunno. What ever he said, it must have worked.

here’s ESPN’s Preview More 4th and 5th place predictions, but at least they’re kind enough to say something good about every player.

The Orioles don’t care about ESPN’s preview.

The Offical Team Breakdown

Welcome abroad Raul Chavez It’s not determined whether Chavez will be with the Orioles or in Ottawa. If he’s with the O’s, that means Nick Markakis will likely go to Ottawa. I was hoping he’d stay in the majors, but he’ll be in Baltimore soon enough. I am glad to have another defensive catcher on the roster. Trying to coordinate things b/t Javy at DH and Ramon behind the plate just seemed too complicated.

Mark Zuckerman says the O’s/Nats rivalry needs time and work to work out.

The Hardball Times has 5 depressing questions for the Orioles I don’t like this article at all. He trashes Angelos for not spending money on the team. You may or may not like Angelos, but he does spend money on the team. We had the biggest offer for Paul Konerko this offseason. It was a weak class this year, so who else were we supposed to sign? Johnny Damon? This is just a lot of the usually knocks. Our outfield, our owner, our clubhouse. I think our outfield will be ok…but we have Nick Markakis, Val Majewski, and some other fine outfielders in our farm system, so that’s why our outfield is what it is now. Sosa, Ponson, Raffy, and Kline are gone. Mora looks to be resigned and if that happens Tejada will be happier. Our clubhouse was rotten last year, but they took out the problems. Geez. Why’d I read this article?
At least Baseball America gives our Farm System a thumbs up.

I didn’t know you could buy World Series Trophies I should have bought this and gave it to the team on opening day. If I had that money…..

I won’t post tomorrow, so that means I will see you all on OPENING DAY!


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