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I can almost smell Opening Day

Here’s an interesting article to start things off above the Nationals and Orioles rivalry.
I don’t think it’s of the Mets vs. Yankees magnitude yet. Both of these teams need to get better for it be so. I’d rather see the Orioles play the Mets or the Braves than the Nats. I don’t hate the Nationals, I’m indifferent to them. I thought MLB putting a team there was logical. A lot more logical than putting one in the place where old Yankees to go die, Tampa Bay. Where would they put them if DC wasn’t an option? San Antonio, Charlotte, NC (I wish. It beats driving to Atlanta.), Las Vegas (Never), and Portland. Those are ones that I can think of. For the O’s and Nats rivalry to get real, somone has to buy the Nationals and give them a personality. Being the stepchild of MLB and having the front office saavy this is Jim Bowden really hurts them.

Today is Melvin’s deadline. I don’t think a deal gets done. I just don’t see how. Maybe Old Pete can broker a deal, but it’s highly doubtful.

Luis Matos says he’s ready. I was deadset on trading him as soon as possible. I’ve soften my stance now. If he’s fully healthy, I want to see what he can do. He has a better glove than Nick Markakis right now and there’s no need to rush Nick anyway. He’s young and it’s doubtful that we’ll be in the race at the end. So let Nick sit on the bench a little and bring him along slowly. If we rush him, well…just look over at Corey Patterson and that’s what could happen to him.

These two links here both focus on how we have just as many questions coming out of camp as we did coming in.


More questions

Never saw this coming The center of my very world is shaken.

I wouldn’t buy this with your money. This is third place team….and if their arms go down, then we could be seeing a third place finish.

Here’s an article on Sandy Rleal. Him and Chris Ray could be anchors in the bullpen for years if things go right. I’m excited about these two.

A moment of silence….
The Orioles will release veteran infielder Desi Relaford today. The veteran hit .171 this spring with a .256 on-base percentage.

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in long time.
Carl Pavano is hurt again. After Pavano threw one inning in a Double-A game yesterday, Joe Torre said he wasn’t sure when the $40 million investment would pitch again due to a bruised rear end the pitcher suffered when he fell covering first base Tuesday night. — New York Post

Is it funny because he’s a Yankee? because he has a 40 million dollar deal? because he’s Pavano? because he bruised his rear end? I vote for all the above.

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