First Base not being kind to Javy

It’s been a rough spring for Javy Lopez. He had his fourth error of the spring yesterday, and he’s missed most of spring training because of the WBC. Count me as being one of pessimists on this one. I hope he gets it down and becomes great at first base, but I think its doubtful. With Germino Gil being designated for assignment, could signal an end for this? He’ll catch 1 or 2 games a week and then he’s also going to be seeing time at DH. This would free time for Millar/Conine at first, freeing up the outfield so Nick Markakis can be LF and Matos can be backup. I hope Javy at least finds his swing, his numbers have been brutal. Here’s another Lopez article. It’s much of the same stuff, but check out the second page where Jorge Julio sounds off. He’s still upset that he lost the closer role to BJ Ryan and basically said they weren’t teaching him mechanics because they didn’t like him. Good ridance, he lost the closer for a reason. Jorge Julio could bean a batter and it would still over over the right fence.

There’s several things in here. I don’t like the way some of this article sounds.
With less than a week remaining before the season opener, the Baltimore Orioles appear to need a few more practice games. While the roster is beginning to take shape, some Orioles appear vastly out of baseball shape, and though these Grapefruit League games are meaningless, even Perlozzo appears a bit worried.
That part right there especially and since we had ten players in the WBC and some before that in the Carribean World Series, that surprises me.
We have no interest in Carlos Pena. I think if it could be done on the cheap, it would be a nice low risk/high reward deal. But I’m not going to cry over this.
We’re going to have Matos, Markakis, and Patterson on the roster. They didn’t mention David Newhan, but before Opening Day my bet is Matos or him are traded to the Angels for a bullpen arm.

Though Baltimore lost, 5-4, to the Florida Marlins on Monday, it appeared as if Perlozzo’s talk had an effect. In the morning practice Tejada appeared more animated than he has all spring. He yelled at the top of his lungs while taking ground balls. He jumped up and down after committing a mistake. He sang while taking cuts before stepping into the batting cage.

“I thought the guys were a lot livelier,” Perlozzo said. “Every once in a while you need a little bit of a wakeup call.”
Let’s hope it works

Miguel Tejada hasn’t had a great spring either. I hope he gets it back by Monday. At least he’s smiling I didn’t know he had the current longest games played streak in the majors with 918 and is seventh all time. had this say abou the Mora situation: Melvin Mora is getting annoyed that the Orioles won’t give him a huge contract extension to compensate him for a string of very lucky high batting average seasons in 2003-04. While a good third baseman, Mora is entering his age 34 season. To be fair, he’s been underpaid for a while now, making $10.5MM over 2004-06. If Mora settled for a mild raise to $12MM over the next three seasons, the Orioles could perhaps come out ahead. More likely is that he’ll be traded in July. Teams with questionable third base situations include the Tigers, White Sox, Twins, Phillies, and Giants.

More on the bullpen and their numbers this spring

Leo Mazzone: what I did on my Spring Break

The Texas Rangers released Erubiel Durazo yesterday. I don’t see the O’s signing him. The O’s have player like him in Javy Lopez. Besides, Durazo put up some bad numbers this spring. He needs to get 100% healthy and then he’d be a good addition to a team.

Here’s’s Jerry Crasnick and his best case/worst case scenario for teams
Scroll down to BOTTOM TIER TEAMS and we’re right there. Geez, that’s a slap in the face. I’m not kidding myself into thinking that we’re going to win the Series but seeing up lumped in with the D-Rays, the Rockies, the Marlins and the Royals is some rough stuff. We did lead the AL East for the better half of the first half year, but then again we had one of the worst second halves ever too. We’ll just have to see how this teams turns out.


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