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Deadline Friday

Friday is the deadline to resign Melvin Mora I don’t see this happening. He’s not budging off 10 million a year apparently. Mora’s one of my favorite Orioles of all time, but I would not pay him 10 a year. I still think 3 years at 7 per is more than fair. It may in fact be too fair…but Melvin has been a pro for the O’s, so he does to be slightly overpaid. The question is though, if he isn’t resigned by the start of the season, what do the O’s do. Mora has said he’s going to test free agency. I don’t see any team paying him that much in free agency. I can’t even see a team with a big budget overpaying for a then 35 year old 3rd baseman.

Do the O’s just let him walk? Hope the market bites him and resign him on the cheap? Cough up the bucks in the offseason? Trade him this season? Personally,I’d go for the later. If he’s not resigned, then trade him because this will be a problem during the season in my opinion. He’s got trade value. Swap him to a team with a good farm system (like the Dodgers)and get some infield and/or pitching prospects for him. If we’re not in contention at the break, that seems to be the smart plan to me. I can’t see how this deal gets done.

The Tigers released Carlos Pena. I’d like to see the O’s take a shot at him for the bench. He’d be good insurance for Javy, who’s having growing pains. I don’t know much about Pena, but I’m just glad the Red Sox got Hee Sop Choi and not us. His numbers look sort of like an infield version of Corey Patterson, I don’t mean that in a good way.

This will be remembered as one of the worst contracts ever.
2 posts in one day, so much for saying I wouldn’t have time to post much this week.

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  1. Mora is my favorite Oriole on the current roster. The Orioles and Mora have to come to some kind of agreement and let Mora finish his career as an Oriole.

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