National Embarrassment

Things have gone from bad, to worse, to horrible in DC with Soriano. His trade value right now has to be next to nothing. Who wants an error prone second baseman who won’t play the outfield and thinks his needs are more important than the team. This has to be one of the worst trades ever. Bowden better turn this into gold if he *chuckle* wants to keep this job went real ownership comes in. The only two teams that have a need for him that I think of is the Cubs and Mets. I can’t see the Cubs giving away talent for Soriano, but I could see the Mets. If he gets traded, I think it’s the Mets. Then again though, they don’t have to trade him. He can sit out until he’s ready to play a full year with the Nats. If I’m the Nats, I’d hold him until an offer I like comes around, beit today or next year. Let him sit out. When he’s a free agent, who’s going to want to give this guy a deal for more than the ten million he’s make now?
Here’s a good column in the Post about the situation.

Willy Mo will not be an O. I don’t like this trade for the Red Sox. They have three pitchers- Wells 42, Wakefield 39, and Schilling 39 who are older and Wells and Schilling are going to miss time to injury. Josh Beckett will probably miss time too, if his blister problems come back… again. Matt Clement? Who knows. The Sox have been trying to pawn him off but to no avail. They resign Arroyo and he gives them the hometown discount. Management problems not to trade him during the contract…and now he has three years in Cincy. While I think Pena is good talent, can he pitch when 2 of their starters are out? I don’t understand why so many writers are in love with this team this spring.

The O’s have put the Help Wanted sign up in the bullpen door. So far, though, there’s not much available.
So then do the O’s turn to Hayden Penn for help? If it’s a quick fix for now, it’s a smart band-aid that lets him get some major league experience. But once Todd Williams gets healthy and they can find someone else, he needs to be out of the pen.

There’s a few things here. Brian Roberts plays today and the Cubs would love us to take Todd Walker off their hands.

Good interiew at the Orioles Think Tank with Rich Lederer from Baseball about the O’s. Here’s the interview.


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