Cruel Spring for Nats, AJ, and Weaver

Two offseason moves that the O’s “should have done” was to sign A.J. Burnett and Jeff Weaver. I was lukewarm on Burnett. I don’t see how you can pay a pitcher with a career record of 49-50 and a lifetime ERA of 4.12 to a longterm deal at ten million per. He could be great, but at the same time…. he’s had seven years in the majors. And then today,
I saw this. This would be horrible for the Jays if it was serious, since he was their BIG signing.
Jeff Weaver was another one peopele were saying we should have signed. I thought we should have too. I thought giving him a 3 year deal with about 7 per sounded ok. Weaver’s an all right pitcher, who has an averages 218 innings a season. Then I saw this today. Jeff Weaver has one strikeout among the 49 batters he has faced this spring reports the LA Times. That’s not good, even for spring training. If I remember right, the reason we didn’t sign Weaver was because we’d have to give the Dodgers draft picks as compensation and since we had already done that with the Padres for Ramon Hernadez, we weren’t going give up more picks. In retrospect, We could have broke the bank and signed Burnett to a 5 year/55 million dollar deal and Weaver to a 3 year 21-24 million deal, but with so much being said about Loewen, Penn, and the arms that are in our rotation, Bedard and Cabrera; would it have been smart to sign a Burnett at that much? I think Burnett capitalized by being the “best pitcher” in a very weak free agent class. If he was a free agent next season, I bet he wouldn’t have gotten as much.

The worst case scenario has happened for the WBC. The Nats can’t catch a break. First they lose Brian Lawrance for the season and Jose Guillen and Angel Guzman are banged up. There’s the Soriano situation as well. This may not be a capital season for the Nationals. Sorry for the bad pun.

More on the Mora situation. Perlozzo wants a compromise. I know he’s taking a little flak from some papers for talking about the negotations publicly, but I don’t. Mora can talk about them publicly, so why can’t Sam. Besides, I find Sam’s view on it refreshing. By the way, Mora’s been on tear since 2 hr in the past 2 games.

Everyone who’s coming back to camp from the WBC isn’t getting any rest. I find Javy’s first game back troubling. I hope the move to first works, but somehow I see a trade happening…especially if he has more games like that.

Brian Roberts is ready to go….so they say anyway.

Cuba beat the Dominican Republic in WBC action today, which means Miguel Tejada and Daniel Cabrera will back in camp. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief.


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