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Where have all the Catchers gone?

Who wants to strap on the old gear and crouch behind homeplate for 27 outs of a baseball game. Not as many people as you’d thinking. USA Today has a great article today about the diminishing number of quality catchers in all levels of baseball.

I think of the catcher as the quarterback of the team. He’s got to call the game and keep the pitcher calm. It’s not a glamorous position, that’s part of the problem. Who wants to wear out their knees behind homeplate when you could be Center Field? Catchers take an unreal beating. After reading this, I’m not surprised that the largest number of players who later became managers were catchers in their playing days.

Try to think of a young catcher outside of Joe Mauer and Jonny Estrada. It’s pretty hard. Here’s the article

Not sure what our plans for First base are after the season, but it won’t be Nick Johnson and I’d be stunned if the Cubs don’t resign Derek Lee. I think the O’s are doing a smart thing playing Val Majewski at first base during spring training. The market for first base is going to be thin next off-season, so it’s probably going to be Majewski or a trade. I can only hope they don’t trade for Hee Seop Choi.

The bullpen needs help, but Hayden Penn and Adam Loewen aren’t in the plans says Sam. The bullpen definately needs help. LaTroy Hawkins is a good middle relief guy, as long as he DOES NOT CLOSE. Todd Williams is ok. I think Chris Ray is going to be a good reliever, but outside of those 3 and maybe Eric Dubose, the bullpen is definately thin. I’d rather have Penn and Loewen get some more minor league time in and ease them into the majors.

The O’s now have a two game spring training win streak

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