Sunday leftovers

The Orioles won today. Betting the New York Mets 3-2 in ten innings. Here’s the recap On a random note, I have NEVER met a Mets fan. That may have to do with the fact that I live in South Carolina, but then again there are Yankee fans down here.

I’m eagerly awaiting to see Alfonso Soriano return to Nationals camp. There’s no way the Nats play him at second base. Maybe the Nats should have communicated to Soriano before the trade was done that they were making the deal so he’d be an OF. But they didn’t have to. Soriano didn’t have a no-trade clause or a clause barring him to play the outfield. Whether at second base or in the outfield, he’s still making ten million dollars this year. I think there’s no way he stays in DC. Speaking of second basemen I wouldn’t want, I could really see Soriano getting traded to the Mets. I’d rather have Soriano instead of Kaz Matusi; but only for his bat. The Nats definately won’t get a fair deal for Soriano. They’ll probably get a quarter to the dollar, IF they’re lucky. What to do with a cranky second baseman who doesn’t what to play outfield?

Daniel Cabrera pitched great last night in the WBC. I’m really excited about our rotation. Of all of them though, I think Cabrera is gonna be a beast this year the Sun has a good bit about him here

I’m wondering about this Barry Bonds things. If there’s proof without a doubt that he’s used steriods. What do you do? Do you toss out his numbers? Toss them out completely or to 1997 or 1998? Asterick his numbers? Bar him from the game? If you toss out the numbers, do you wipe his MVP awards out with them?
This is hard because this is a precedent. This is going to be the biggest thing Bud Selig will be remembered by. He’s done some great things for the game, though I think he’s over-expanded the league and there was that strike thing (though it wasn’t COMPLETELY his fault). Fans are going to forget about everything if he fumbles this. I’m going to wait and see what else comes out before I make my personal judgement on Barry’s fate, but right now I think they should be thinking about an asterick.


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  1. You don’t put an asterisk by Bonds’ numbers….you put one by his name


  2. Nice work

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