Friday Roundup

Just a few things that caught my eye today

Kevin Millar’s fitting in well

I can’t link to it since it’s a register only article at the Atlanta Journal Constitution, According to Braves GM John Schuerholz in his new book “Built to Win,” The Braves traded for Barry Bonds in 1992. The Pirates would have sent Bonds to Atlanta for reliever Alejandro Pena, Keith (not Kevin) Mitchell, and a prospect to be named. I’ve always liked the Braves since they’re the “hometown team.” If the O’s play the Braves, I root for the Orioles though. The plug was pulled on this trade because Jim Leyland flipped out. So Ted Simmons, then Pirates GM, caved. though it was a smart move to cave in this case.

Keith Mitchell’s career numbers
Alejandro Pena’s Career Numbers
If this trade happened would history be changed? Would Bonds combined with the Braves pitching would the Braves ruled the 90’s instead of the Yanks? If the Braves did crank out 5 or 6 World Series wins, would that have satisfied Barry and prevented him from his current “situation?” Would Leyland have snapped?

The Orioles play the Marlins today in spring training. We’re 2-6 in the Grapefruit League so far. It’s too much a concern for me right now. All of our starters except Kris Benson are in the World Classic. Tejada and Lopez are playing as well, so it’s hard to judge anything one thing I can judge, Ricky Bottalico is not going to help the O’s, unless he’s pitching for the other team. So far, 2 innings pitched 36.00 ERA, 8 hits 8 earned runs 8 runs 3 homeruns 3 BB and NO Strike outs.
That’s I got for now.


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