Infield Predictions

Here’s what I’m predicting the infield fares this season.

1st Base
Javy Lopez .280 25 hr 81 rbi
-Playing at 1st and DH should keep him healthy
Jeff Conine .278 8 hr 41 rbi
-Will be splitting time at 1st, OF, and probably DH.
Kevin Millar .269 7 hr 43 rbi
-Like Conine, he’ll be playing three different positions

2nd Base
Brian Roberts .282 15 hr 72 rbi
-Should be able to play Opening Day or shortly after. He should come back strong after 2005’s gruesome season-ending shoulder injury. I’m not sure he’ll put up numbers as good as he was, but I think he’ll be close

Miguel Tejada .286 31 hr 107 rbi
-After a bad second half of ’05 and a wild off season, I think he’ll come out with something to prove. As long as he doesn’t let his emotions get the best of him, he should rebound well.

3rd Base
Melvin Mora .285 25 hr 83 rbi
-Though he hit had as many homeruns in ’05 as he did in ’04, his rbi went from 104 to 88. Mora is starting to decline a little, but I don’t think it’ll show much this year.

I think the O’s have one of the better infields in baseball, though there are questions about each player. How will Javy adapt to playing first, will he like it, will he be traded? How will Roberts come back from his injury and can he repeat his 2005 performance? Will Tejada stay happy or will he asked to be traded again? Can he rebound from his rough second half of 2005. Will Mora start decling and how will his contract extension(0r lack there of) affect his play? We’ll just have to see how this plays out.


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